Kyle Turner/Collection - CD

A hand picked collection of Kyle's favorites. This disc chronicles Turner's influences in Austin, Dallas, Houston, LA, and Chicago. Special guests include Michael Ward, Fingerprints, Dwight Sils, Kerry Wilkins, Rayvon Foster and others.

Kyle Turner/KT3 - CD

This is CD number three from one of Texas' most promising talents of recent times. He has toured with Luther Vandross, Regina Belle, Johnnie Taylor, and many other stars. A unique sound that is always a crowd pleaser!

Kyle Turner/Wrapped Tight - CD

This is the latest release from Houston saxophonist, Kyle Turner. Kyle has called in some BIG favors from his friends in the industry. The CD has contributions from Kim Waters, Tim Gant, Chris Walker, Althea Rene, Najee, and many others. Get your copy soon as this will be the talk of 2010 in smooth jazz.

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